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Because before you can build a strong Brand out in the marketplace, you must look within. How do you define yourself and your company? How do you want to be seen in the world?

A lot of people don’t take the time to strategically identify what makes them different. The upfront process to identify your unique value proposition is not for the faint hearted. It takes time, dedication and, it’s a team effort. And did we mention it takes time?

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We live in a rush-rush world where everyone wants instant gratification. But the big guns, the major corporations, understand the value of upfront planning and research. And even then, the direction needs testing. Did we mention it takes time?

Who are you? What do you want? How are you perceived? Where are your customers? Why us?
Advertising & Marketing Services

    Your Brand is your promise. The simplest way to identify the true purpose of Branding is “tribe gathering.” Think of Harley Davidson, Nike and — one of Darci’s all-time favorite companies — Apple. The renewal that Apple has experienced via the iPod and iPhone has resulted in very effective tribe gathering. Now we’re seeing the counter strategy at work that’s aimed at gathering a strong PC tribe. See that?

    When we consult with you around your Brand we’ll analyze what’s working and what isn’t in terms of how effectively you’re gathering your tribe. In these days of massive fragmentation and moving targets, your Brand is more important than ever. Let us take a look; it’ll be fun.

    The truth is, the power of a company comes from the power of its Brand, not the other way around.


    Our work almost always begins with Strategic Planning. The approach we take is an integrated one; one that allows us to get on the same page with you. We map out a plan, based upon goals, objectives, and budget, that we use as the starting point before any creative is conceived. This process can take a month or two, but how can you get where you want to go without good directions?


    One of the most powerful vehicles to establish your Brand and gather your tribe is exceptional advertising. Unfortunately, a lot of small and mid-sized companies don’t understand what constitutes great advertising. (Fortunately, that makes it easier for us to help you stand out.)

    We believe that the powerful combination of strong headlines, creative concepts and clear, targeted messaging is the most effective means of boosting your brand and gathering your tribe.

    If your campaign needs a lift, call DARCI today. From internet advertising to print and broadcast, we’ll help you build a campaign that will get you noticed.


    We like to weave a PR Plan into all our strategies. Public Relations is an effective way to lend credibility to your organization, your mission, and essentially your Brand. Each component of your marketing effort is interlinked and when well-conceived goes to support your goals.

    PR involves writing and distributing regular Press Releases to the media, pitching feature stories when valid, and other customer outreach initiatives. Also, your website is one of your most important PR tools. Equally, good PR brings people to your site so you can resonate with customers and bring them into your tribe.


    It’s important that your web development process not be done in a void. We’ve noticed that a lot of companies today think of their website as somehow separate from the rest of their marketing. With advances in Search Engine Optimization and other “behind the scenes” techniques you’ll gain more when you think strategically about your site.

    Everything you do to communicate with customers and potential customers is an opportunity to bolster your Brand, and therefore separate yourself from the pack.


    Annual events, special anniversary parties, team building and other events are an opportunity to gather your tribe and give them something to smile about. We’ve done fundraising events in New York City, annual events in Boston, and customer appreciation gatherings of all scales.

    When it comes to great events, the devil is in the details. After that, it’s all about panache. A great video, fabulous food, gorgeous flowers and fun giveaways all make for a memorable event that keeps your tribe coming back again and again.

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