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Inbound Marketing

Understanding Inbound: The New Digital Trend Marketers Love



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Marketing Online Strategies Video

Why We Integrate Video Into Our Marketing Efforts (And You Should Too)


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V is for Variety


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Marketing Online Strategies Testimonials

Making Client Testimonials Work For Your Brand Image


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I is for Interesting & Interested


Getting Attention.

photo 1In a recent blog post from Seth Godin he wrote, “Interesting & Interested … it helps to be both. These are two ways you earn attention. If it’s so obvious, why is it so difficult?”

There’s so much to this simple post. And it really got me thinking about mistakes that so many clients make with their marketing. It really comes down to these two words. If you’re interested in who your target audience is, they will find you interesting. How simple is that? The thing is, a lot of clients over think this stuff. Understanding your audience is the real key to successful marketing. Because when you “get them” you can speak their language. And when you make yourself (your company, your product) relevant, you create receptivity.

On the flip side, being interesting is all about being yourself. Don’t try to be like the other guy. Find out what makes you uniquely you and tell your audience about it over and over again, in as many ways as possible. Eventually they’ll think, wow, that company is really interesting.