Why We Integrate Video Into Our Marketing Efforts (And You Should Too)


Video is a rising phenomenon that the world just can’t seem to get enough of. The busy lives and decreasing attention span of consumers has led to a hunger for fast, “snackable” forms of content that will both inform and entertain, and video is the pièce de résistance that satisfies that hunger.


Remember our V is for Variety post? We touched upon the past year of video marketing; a year in which online video accounted for 50 percent of all mobile traffic, with over half of all Internet users watching videos on the web every day. It’s becoming impossible to scroll through Facebook or Instagram without encountering a handful of them, from crazy cat videos to mouthwatering recipe tutorials in fast motion (Buzzfeed Tasty, we’re looking at you).


So why is this video craze so prevalent among today’s consumers? For one, videos are inherently engaging – they bring life to what would otherwise be a black-and-white read. While the written word certainly has a power of its own, video caters to our attention-deficit and demands our attention. Simply put, it’s easy to digest, and there’s something about it that makes it quite difficult to pull our eyes away. In fact, 65 percent of viewers today watch more than three quarters of a video, demonstrating the holding power video has over us.


It makes sense, then, that so many marketers have tagged on to the trend as part of their practice. What better way to reach consumers and keep those potential leads engaged than producing viewable content reflective of a company’s brand? According to HighQ, 69 percent of business professionals have used video marketing and 96 percent of B2B companies are planning to incorporate it into their strategy in the coming year. (Check out the infographic in that link for more stats; they are truly eye-opening.)


Keeping pace with the movement, we’ve added video services to own our marketing repertoire. From client services like commercial production and testimonials, to a glimpse behind the scenes at the DARCI office, we’ve been able to not only see the success of video, but also have a lot of fun creating it. Take the below clip, for example. We produced this Portsmouth Street.life! event video for the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce, which featured North End developers discussing the city’s growth and potential. Unveiled at Street.life!‘s annual dinner, the video educated community members about the North End’s expansion and bright future.


More often than not, we share video content via social media to better engage the community and boost brand recognition. Teaming up a second time with the Portsmouth Chamber, we put together a fun visual recap of their 32nd Annual Golf Tournament, of which we were a sponsor. Creating a slideshow of photos from our very own DARCI Instagram “photo booth,” we were pleased to see plenty of views and engagement from the social video, viewed here.


When getting started with video production and the creative, it’s important to remember that less is more – that is, the simplest content is sometimes the most favored by viewers. For example, we enjoy scattering short clips throughout our Instagram feed that give followers a glimpse into our projects and office life. Like this one, a simple written message with a nice artistic touch (shout out to our Junior Art Director!).


 Watch the video here.


Or this one, a fun hyperlapse of a day out shooting with our production team:


Watch the video here.


Whether your goal is to reach a wider audience with your marketing message, create a social media campaign to engage and inform online users, or simply to entertain and add a face to your brand name, video marketing is an effective and creative means to get you there. From the beginner to the more advanced videographer, anyone of any skill level can learn to create and love video content. We’ve certainly seen the benefits for ourselves, and we enjoy weaving it into our own marketing strategy. What about you?


Looking to add video services to your business, but not quite sure where to start? We’re here to answer all your marketing questions. Get in touch with us today!



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